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DANCE BOX Residency Program 2018 – Call for Proposal | BLOG | NPO DANCE BOX


DANCE BOX Residency Program 2018 – Call for Proposal


  • DANCE BOX Residency Program is an artist-in-residence program focuses on performing arts based in the theater space ArtTheater dB KOBE.
  • In 2018, we seek for an artist who works under the theme of “Arts and Folk Entertainments Relating to Transfer/ Transplant of Cultures and Migrants”.
  • We place primary emphasis on experimentation and the process rather than focusing on the end result of the artists’ production.
  • We look forward to receiving your application.


[Program Information]     21days-Residence Program

Target:  artist

Dates of Residency: January 7th, 2019 – February 6th, 2019 

*These dates may be prone to changing slightly.


Concept of Residency Program 2018:

For 2018 program, DANCE BOX invites artists to submit residence proposals deal with “Arts and Folk Entertainments Relating to Transfer/ Transplant of Cultures and Migrants”.

In 2017, DANCE BOX presented “KOBE-Asia Contemporary Dance Festival #4” under the theme of “Family Histories”. Shin-Nagata, where DANCE BOX is located in, is a city which has numbers of people, migrated from various Asian areas, like Korea and Vietnam in the lead. In this festival, familial forms and stories which have their roots to foreign countries exist/ used to exist in Shin-Nagata were viewed through the past, through the present and towards the future. We explored how dance and music have lived in the flow of time, and touches the present moment.

We are interested in transformation of cultures, folk entertainments and ways of life caused by migration of people, and possibilities of collaboration and coexistence of different cultures . We expect to encounter proposals which add new keywords on these ideas.


Number of Residencies Awarded: 1

Eligibility Requirements:

  • - Applicants must reside outside of Japan.
  • - An artist doesn't need to be a dancer or a choreographer. Depending on a program or concept of research, we are interested in people who are working/researching about body-movements; performing arts and we are hoping for applicants who are doing a research related to those fields.
  • - The final presentation of residence research is expected to be in a style of lecture, installation, exhibition using video, or performance. Depends on the concept of the residency program, the artist would be able to present own past performance/ exhibition.

Stipulations and Requirements Effecting Residency Program:

  1. 1. DANCE BOX is unable to provide artists with a living stipend or funds not detailed in this description.
  2. 2. During the stay, the artist is required to give at least one workshop or lecture for local residents.  
  3. 3. During the stay, the artist should be self-reliant in terms of planning and actualizing their project.
  4. 4. The artist must be mentally and physically healthy.
  5. 5. DANCE BOX does not provide insurance. Therefore the artist is responsible to secure insurance for their residency period.
  6. 6. For accommodation details please refer to information below. The artist   is expected to maintain friendly relations with neighbors or other resident artists in their place of residence.
  7. 7. After returning to his or her home country artist is required to give a debriefing session.
  8. 8. We hope the artist to be a person who is trouble-free and capable of working with local people, staffs and assistants.


Funding Support:

  1. 1. Airfare (up to 150,000 JPY), accommodation, domestic transportation expenses (up to 20,000 JPY), and daily pay (5,000 JPY/ per day) will be furnished by DANCE BOX.
  2. 2. DANCE BOX will provide staffs and spaces for the final exhibition or performance. Material costs for rehearsal process, performance and exhibition will be covered (up to 100,000 JPY).
  3. 3. DANCE BOX will be responsible for supplying the necessary personnel to support artist’s creation.


Support detail:

  1. 1. The artist will share the theater space with other artists and any other of Dance Box programs. The theater space will be available during periods when it is not reserved. The artist will need to confirm the schedule of using the theatre by negotiating with DANCE BOX. When the theatre is not available DANCE BOX will provide other spaces such as community halls . However the requirements of the artists might not meet always with the condition of those spaces.
  2. 2. The artist is permitted and encouraged to attend dance classes and performances that are hosted by DANCE BOX free of charge.
  • Schedule:
  • January 14th 2019: Arrival
  • January 15th 2019: Meeting and Excursion
  • January 15th 2019- 27th: Creation / Research
  •  ※Theater Space will be shared with other artists. When it’s not available Dance Box will provide other spaces such as community halls.
  • January 28th 2019-February 3rd : Creation / Research
  •  ※Theater Space is available only for the artist of this program.
  • 2th or 3th or both dates: Output of Residency Program
  • 4th January 2019: Feedback Meeting
  • 5th January 2019: Departure


Information about Residence Sites:


Shin-Nagata, where Art Theatre dB managed by DANCE BOX is located in is a ward most populated in Kobe city even though it is the smallest ward with a small population.

The area was once thriving in manufacturing of rubber products and metal industry, however these days the industry is in the state of declining. The population has halved in the past 40 years, as well as is ageing rapidly. On top of that, many abandoned houses and lands are appearing, which is one of the issues the area needs to deal with.

Also after the modernization, many immigrants have moved in and lived together here; they are from Okinawa, Amami island, the Korean Peninsula and recently Vietnam.

This area was seriously attacked by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995.

What is the role of a theatre in an area like this with these facets?

Since its founding, DANCE BOX has been producing a numbers of contemporary dance works and artists. It has the role to create new identities for the next period of time, using the 100-seated small theatre to produce pioneering and experimental works.

More over, we wish to contribute to the local community for solving their problems as a theatre. This area where diverse people live together needs a theatre as local commons.

In order to do so, we expand our works outside of the theatre weaving different genres like a meshwork; education, welfare, artist-in-residence, international exchange, tourism, by collaborating and cooperating with local institutions and people.

DANCE BOX develops its theatre as a commons with working closely with locals in Shin-Nagata as well as connecting to the world globally.


Accommodation facility Kotobuki guesthouse:

The house is 40 years old. It has two communal toilets, a shower room, kitchen, and living room. A private room will be provided to artists.


Theater space ArtTheater dB KOBE:

Art Theater dB KOBE has a performance space (width 7.2m, depth 7.2m, height 5.6m). It is a black-box theater space. It used to be a club with live music, so this space is equipped with a complete audio system. Audience seating consists of a ready-to-assemble type that can accommodate up to 90 people.


How to apply:

Step 1: Please submit an application form by email. 

note: Please prepare the application within two pages. If the application forms becomes over two pages, it will be omitted from the selection. Please submit video/photo documentation of previous art works. Submitting a link to videos uploaded to a website is acceptable (e.g. Vimeo, you-tube etc.), Please do NOT email any video files as an attachment.

Step 2: After your application has been received by DANCE BOX you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation response in three days, please resubmit your application.


Application Period:

Applications will be accepted only from 1st June 2018 to June 24th 2018. If we receive your application before/after this period, your application will not be considered.



All applicants will receive notification of their application status by email in 11th July 2018.


Submit application materials by email to: