KOBE-Asia Contemporary Dance Festival #03
Theme: "My Home is Shivering and Changing." (or is it Me and my Body Wriggling?)

【Festival Dates】
February 1st (sat) – March 2nd (sun), 2014

【Performance Date &Time】
A Program: Feb. 15 (sat) 19:00/16(sun)17:00/17(mon) 20:00
B Program: Feb. 21 (fri) 20:00 /22 (sat)17:00/23 (sun) 17:00

【Exhibition Date & Time】
February 1 (sat) – March 2 (sun), 2014 12:00-19:00 (closed on Monday)

○ ArtTheatre dB KOBE(Performance)
Kubo-cho 6-1 Asuta Kunizuka 4 (4F), Nagata-ku, Kobe City zip 653-0041
TEL:078-646-7044 / FAX:078-646-7045 HP: http://www.db-dancebox.org
○ Art area B1-Keihan Railways, Naniwabashi station(Exhibition)
Nakanoshima1-1-1 Keihan Railways Naniwabashi station B1F, Kita-ku, Osaka City
TEL: 06-6226-4006 / HP: http://artarea-b1.jp
- Introduction: The Asia Contemporary Dance Festival, organized by NPO DANCE BOX, was first established in Osaka in 2001. In 2009 the venue was moved to Kobe and the event renamed the "KOBE-Asia Contemporary Dance Festival". From the beginning, the festival has continued to present various artists from Japan and other Asian countries aiming to reflect current Asian values, which weave a diverse and dynamic web of relations. This year, the festival invites Yuya Tsukahara (the founder of contact Gonzo) as the festival program director. With the program theme "My home is shivering and changing(or is it me and my body wriggling?)", Tsukahara will direct four performance programs and one group exhibition for the festival. All the performances will be newly created by the participating artists from various disciplines including dance, theatre, visual arts, music, media arts etc. In this era of international mobility, artists venture across borders and interact with each other regardless of their disciplines or backgrounds. We believe that the new productions created for the festival will represent the dynamism and diversity of contemporary Asian expression. We hope all of you will enjoy our festival!
KOBE-Asia Contemporary Dance Festival #03 Presented by NPO DANCE BOX
- About NPO DANCE BOX: In 1996, the DANCE BOX Executive Committee was launched with its offices in TORII Hall, Namba Sennichimae, Osaka. In August 2002, it obtained a non-profit corporation status. The following October, "Art Theatre dB" was established as part of the Shinsekai Arts Park in Festival Gate, an amusement park complex in Shinsekai, Osaka. The theatre, constructed under the public sector and operated by the private sector, played a major role as one of Japan's largest theatres focusing upon contemporary dance, and served as the birthplace of many new artists and dance pieces. In July 2007, the theatre was closed due to the closure of Festival Gate, and in April 2009, its offices were relocated to Shin Nagata, Kobe, where Art Theatre dB Kobe was launched in collaboration with Kobe City (under the same scheme as Osaka Art Theatre dB). Since then NPO DANCE BOX has been producing / organizing dance productions, artist residencies, conferences, workshops, lectures, and various other dance events.
-Artists Line-up 【Performance】
Toshiki Okada (director, writer/ Kumamoto)
Tomoko Soda (artist/ Osaka)
Pichet Klunchun (dancer, choreographer/ Bangkok, Thai )
contact Gonzo (performance group/Osaka)
Skychurch (hardcore band/ Manila, Philippine)
Yusuke Nishimitsu (artist, photographer/ Tokyo) 
Masaru Kakio (dancer, choreographer/ Osaka)
Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (artist/Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
Yukichi Matsumoto (director/Osaka)
Animal Pop Family (dancer/Indonesia)
QUICK (dancer, choreographer/Kyoto)
DJ $HIN (DJ/ Osaka)

Masaru Kakio (dancer, choreographer / Osaka)
contact Gonzo (performance group/Osaka)
Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (artist/Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
Tomoko Soda (artist/ Osaka)
dot architects (architects unit)
Choy Ka-fai (artist,)
Choy Ka-fai (artist, performance maker, speculative designer / Singapore)
Yusuke Nishimitsu (artist, photographer/ Tokyo)
-Program Concept "My Home is Shivering and Changing." (or is it Me and my Body Wriggling?) This is a festival dealing with the interaction between technology and philosophy (or thought / ideology). By ascertaining "simple questions" which occur in our daily lives, the participating artists will create new performance sessions. The "Simple questions" that I intended here are, for example, the ordinary things which you can find in your room. These things seem to be nothing special in our lives, however, a vast amount of time and incidents are wriggling behind their superficial appearance. If we focus on these facts hidden behind our initial impressions, our common sense might be shaken (or should be shaken unable to stand up on your own). This is a festival for the realisation of those facts. Yuya Tsukahara (Festival Program Director)
【Yuya Tsukahara】
dancer, choreographer, and a member of contact Gonzo, was born in Kyoto in 1979, and lives and works in Osaka. He received his MA from the Kwansei Gakuin University, Graduate School of Humanities, Aesthetics and Art Studies. In 2002, Tsukahara first became involved with NPO DANCE BOX as a volunteer member and later started working as administration staff. In 2006, Tsukahara, along with Masaru Kakio, formed the performance unit contact Gonzo. The unit started performing in parks or on the streets, creating an original performance style which improvised physical contact to explore what they term "the philosophy of pain and technique of contact." As a member of contact Gonzo, Tsukahara has participated in performances at MoMA (New York), PANORAMA Festival (Rio de Janeiro), and many other dance festivals in Europe. Besides performances, he and his group also joined several contemporary art exhibitions such as "ROPPONGI CROSSING" in Tokyo, "Kaza Ana: another Form of Conceptualism from Asia" (The National Museum of Art, 2010), Osaka and YCAM 10th Anniversary in Yamaguchi.

-Credits Organized by NPO DANCE BOX
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2013, Kobe city, Society for Administration of Remuneration for Audio Home Recording (sarah), Fukutake Foundation Under the auspices of Kobe city, Nagata-ku, Kobe Shinbunsya, Radio Kansai, Sun Television, NHK Kobe, Royal Thai Consulate-General, Osaka
Cooperated on by  Ishinha, Mizuma Art Gallery, PANTALOON, Mimiyamamishin Co-organized by Art Area B-1 (Osaka University + NPO DANCE BOX + Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.) Program Director: Yuya Tsukahara
NPO Dance Box Staff: Iku Ootani, Aya, Fumi Yokobori, Sachie Tanaka, Jyuri Nishioka, Yui Shimomura
Public Relation: Aya Aoshima, Aiko Oizumi/Design: Takuya Matsumi/Illustration: Mikajiri/
Web Design: Hazime Uchiyama/Translation: Aya Aoshima, Mami Katsuya, Michael Whittle/
Stage Manager: Kazuhi Ota/Ligting: Asako Miura/Sound: Bunsho Nishikawa
-A program Feb. 15 (sat) 19:00/16(sun)17:00 /17(mon)20:00
[Toshiki Okada (director/writer)×Tomoko Soda (artist)×Pichet Klunchun (dancer/choreographer)]
[contact Gonzo (performance group)×Skychurch (hardcore band)×Yusuke Nishimitsu (artist/photographer)] -B program Feb. 21(fri)20:00 /22(sat)17:00 /23(sun)17:00
[Masaru Kakio (dancer/choreographer)×Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (artist)×Yukichi Matsumoto (director)]
[Animal Pop Family (dancer)×QUICK (dancer/choreographer)×DJ $HIN (DJ)]
※ no intermission, 2 performances will be presented without a break.
※ The tickets reception opens 45mins before/ the doors open 20min before a performance starts.

Art Theatre dB KOBE
Kubo-cho 6-1 Asuta Kunizuka 4 (4F), Nagata-ku, Kobe City zip 653-0041
TEL:078-646-7044 / FAX:078-646-7045 HP: http://www.db-dancebox.org
Online researvations:click here. (reservation form)

-Exhibition 【Periods】
Feb. 1(Sat) – Mar. 2(Sun) 12:00-19:00 (admission free) ※Closed on Monday

【Exhibiting Artists】
Mararu Kakio (dancer/choreographer)/contact Gonzo(performance group)/
Jun Nguyen- Hatsushiba (artist)/ Tomoko Soda (artist)/dot architects(architect)/
Choy Ka Fai(artist)/Yusuke Nishimitsu (artist/photographer)
Art area B1-Keihan Railways, Naniwabashi station
Nakanoshima1-1-1 Keihan Railways Naniwabashi station B1F, Kita-ku, Osaka City
TEL: 06-6226-4006 / HP:http://artarea-b1.jp

【Advanced tickets】
adult 3,000yen / youth(up to 25) & physically-challenged 2,500yen /
Nagataku citizen 2,000yen (advanced only) / A+B programs ticket: 5,000 yen (advanced only)

【Day tickets】
adult 3,300yen / youth(up to 25) & physically-challenged 2,800yen

【Tickets Reservation】
NPO Dance Box Office TEL:078-646-7044 Online researvations:click here. (reservation form)

-Art Theater dB KOBE (Shinnagata/ Kobe city) Nearest station: Shinnagata station (JR/subway Seishin Yamate-line) or Komagabayashi station (subway Kaigan-line). It takes about 5-10 minutes by foot from both stations. Kobe City, Nagata-ku, Kubo-cho 6-1 Asuta Kunizuka 4 (4F) zip 653-0041 TEL:078-646-7044 / FAX:078-646-7045 HP: http://www.db-dancebox.org

アートエリアB1 -Art Area B1-Keihan Railways, Naniwabashi station (Osaka city) Nearest station: Naniwabashi station EX#1 (Keihan Railways, Nakanoshima-line) Osaka City, Kita-ku, Nakanoshima1-1-1 Keihan Railways Naniwabashi station B1F TEL: 06-6226-4006 / HP: http://artarea-b1.jp